Assassin’s Crossing Isulation: Sitrep III – Home is Where the Nook is

Sitrep II: Home is Where the Nook is

The town hall was a short trek from the station, and Porter watched my every step until I entered the building. At this point, I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when a dog introduced  herself as the mayor’s secretary. I’ve never heard of “Josus”, but I have a feeling his face will need stabbing. What type of dog? I have no idea and you’re focusing on the wrong part of the story.


Assassin's Crossing Isulation Isabelle 1

I imagine everyone in a position of authority in this town is a sycophantic Templar pawn at best, so I wasn’t surprised that Isabelle creeped me out more than Sonic Furry on a playground. I suspect her treacly demeanor belies a deep Dolores Umbridge-esque sociopathic depravity that had me gleefully exiting the office to follow my direction to meet one Tom Nook…Assassin's Crossing Isulation Isabelle 2


Missed the previous transmission? Find it here or, if you’re finding this for the first time, try looking here for the full report. The fate of the world depends on it.

No pressure.

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