Baskin-Robbins Love Potion #31 Quick Review

Baskin-Robbins Love Potion #31


People are far too judgmental. Should a person be ostracized for eccentric tastes? Should a man or woman be shunned by society and forced to live a solitary existence because they happen to own an angry inflatable love doll that looks like Spock? I say no! I say a Klingon Bat’leth shaped dildo is a sign of a playful and adventurous soul. Forgetting said article of nerdy love fun in one’s carryon luggage should not result in being added to the No Fly List! Happened to a friend… If you’d like to learn more about why said friend might need the aid of a Love Potion, find my review of Baskin-Robbins Love Potion #31 at The Impulsive Buy. It’s magic may be limited to the realm of taste (of which I could clearly use some help), but that’s good enough for me.

Baskin-Robbins Cannoli be With You Ice Cream Quick Review

Baskin-Robbins Cannoli be With You

Baskin-Robbins appears to have a problem with mondegreens. Either Bob Baskin or Robby Robbins conflated Italian love with Itlian pastry when they saw a moon made of pizza. Maybe they aren’t the only ones… I bet the ninja turtles got my back on this one, so who cares, right? I can’t see another reason that Baskin-Robbins Cannoli be With You Ice Cream is the Febrary Flavor of the Month. Cannoli doesn’t exactly scream “I Love you.” I mean, sure, I’m a fat Sicilian at heart so Cannoli is one of the fastest ways into my bed, but I’m not so sure that applies to others as readily. Find my TMNT approved review over at The Impulisve Buy.

Baskin-Robbins Bobsled Brownie Ice Cream Quick Review

Baskin-Robbins Bobsled Brownie Ice Cream

Normally when it’s so cold the snowmen in my yard have committed suicide by bonfire to stay warm, I’m not in the mood for ice cream. But Despite the Killer Snow Goonesque horror show that looks like a bad CW pilot for CSI: North Pole, I was excited to learn of Baskin-Robbins Bobsled Brownie Ice Cream. Blonde brownie pieces and a fudge crackle ribbon mixed with milk-chocolate-mousse and butter-caramel-flavored ice cream is the temptation of the month for January. Read my full review over at The Impulsive Buy.