Review: Quaker Oats Chewy Snow Day Granola Bars

Quaker Oats Chewy Snow Day Granola Bars

Foil finish art is nerd crack, so Quaker Oats new Chewy Snowday Gingerbread Spice Granola bars were in my cart faster than the Flash heading for a bathroom after Chipotle. While enamored by the snowy slopes, I admit I have no idea what gingerbread men, snow days, skiing, and chewy junkfood preying on the granola health halo have to do with one another. Still, the glossy wrapper around each bar is a miniature version of the wonderland depicted on the box.


What about the trivial matter of taste? Unfortunately, the flavor isn’t quite as magical as the marketing campaign. The bars aren’t anywhere near as gooey as they appear on the box, but they do seem a bit more moist than the standard fare. Initially, they bring the standard granolaly (yes, I just made that a word) oat flavor with a bit of ginger. The ginger tantrically teases your taste buds though as it is unlocked by working your way through the corn syrupy chewiness. What began as merely a tease of ginger flavor ultimately leaves a lingering after taste. Fans of ginger will be thrilled, but it is powerful enough to be off putting for the less gingerecally (yeah, that’s right another!) inclined. We are talking Santa hatted Godzilla level breath after morbidly masticating an entire gingerbread ski lodge. The icing swirled on top seems to mellow the intense ginger spiciness somewhat, providing a bit of moistness and generic sweetness. That’s all these bring to the table though, none of the other familiar tastes seemed to have had school canceled as I could detect nary a trace of cloves, nutmeg or cinnamon.


I’m left a little out in the cold with the bars themselves, but as long as it’s outside the ski lodge accompanying glittery snow capped peaks on the wrapper, I’ll happily be devoured alongside my ginger breadthren by a demogorgon with a sweet tooth.

Chompee: Quaker Oats Chewy Snow Day Granola Bars

Chompiness: 7 demogorgon cavities out of 10


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