Review: Quaker Oats Gingerbread Spice Life Cereal

Quaker Oats Gingerbread Spice Life Cereal Box and Bowl

In daring his would be devourers to catch him, the Icarus of seasonal treats flew to close to the oven light on wings made from icing. Since the inception of breakfast cereal, he’s lived on stories of his athletic prowess. No mascot dared try, not cap’ns, leprechauns, nor even tigers. No, the Gingerbread man’s bluff was finally called by none other than the breakfast aisle figure head for honesty, integrity, purity and strength. Larry the Quaker man; the first cereal every to my knowledge to possess gingerbread flavor. Why Larry took it upon himself to capture and infuse his new limited edition Life Gingerbread Spice cereal with powdered bits of the cocky cookie, we may never know. What we do know is that humility will never make Larry’s list of virtues as he plasters the limited edition box with delightfully adorable trophies of his prey. I’m glad he is the boastful sort though as the box art is probably my of the year.

Unfortunately, beyond the first-of-its kind flavor and fantastic art, I have nothing nice to say.

To me, the cereal carries an astringent molasses flavor, and I swear it leaves a lingering aftertaste of cloves. Both important elements in gingerbread, but absent significantly more sweetness, a palate pleaser this is not.

I’m thrilled this product exists; I just hope someone takes the idea and does it better. You needn’t bother running from me Mr. Gingerbread because I for one won’t be giving chase.

Chompee: Quaker Oats Gingerbread Spice Life Cereal

Chompiness: 4 power walking gingerbread men out of 10

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