Quick Review: Dairy Queen Jurassic Chomp Blizzard

Dairy Queen Jurassic Chomp Blizzard

Dairy Queen Jurassic Chomp Blizzard
Peanut butter will find a way.

I’m not sure why dinosaurs are so cranky, but every movie shows them wracking up pinball-esque amounts of economic damage and munching on vacuous tourist-mcnuggets.  It just doesn’t make any sense as Dairy Queen seems to think that dinos are inextricably linked to peanut butter and chocolate. With 2015’s Jurassic Smash featuring peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough and choco chunks, and the new Jurassic Chomp Blizzard mixing buckeye’s and fudge topping, there’s no excuse to be so pissed off.

Jurassic Chomp Dino's love Peanut Butter and Chocolate
                Clever girl                   Photo courtesy of Wildlife by Cyrene. Find more of her amazing work at wildlifebycyrene.wordpress.com

Maybe their local DQ was out of buckeye’s and they were stuck eating the sub-par Summer Berry Cheesecake sibling to this Summer Menu Blizzard or the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough April Flavor of the Month.

I know no matter what idiotic thing has come out of my mouth chocolate, especially combined with peanut butter, will soothe my raging T. rex of a wife.  And if you can’t trust Dairy Queen for accurate paleontological trivia, who can you trust? Find my review of the smashing Jurassic Chomp over at The Impulsive Buy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to grab some chocolate covered peanuts on the way home…

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