Review: Mom’s Making Cookies Baskin Robbins

(Mom’s Makin’ Cookies)

Are you a cookie dough or a cookie doughn’t kinda person? Me, I’m the kinda guy who takes a sauna on the inside of an active volcano. You know, one of those dirty barbarians who lives life on the edge by devouring raw cookie dough— flour and egg be damned! At least I’ll die with a smile on my fat, chocolate smeared face. Fortunately, Baskin Robbins is indulging my delicious death wish with May’s returning Flavor of the Month, Mom’s Making Cookies Ice Cream. This much beloved treat says f*ck the oven and let your stomach do the baking of the brown sugar flavored ice cream filled with chocolate chip cookie pieces, chocolate chips and a cookie dough batter ribbon. If I ever win a ribbon, it will absolutely be made of cookie dough batter. And I won’t unless they start handing them out for awful puns.


Mom's Making Cookies Baskin-Robbins Full
Doughn’t you want me baby?


Let’s start at the base of this cookie shaped mountain with the brown sugar ice cream.  I would probably put it on par with Baskin Robbins mascarpone in the “I’m going to be on the treadmill for a few extra hours tomorrow” level of deliciousness. It’s rich and buttery without every being too sweet. Let’s be real though, this flavor was created by someone who has, on more than one occasion, passed out on the floor of a bathroom with one arm draped across the toilet loosely clutching a syringe with nothing but liquefied cookie bits left inside.


Like you’ve never done lines of Keebler Special K…

That’s right, Baskin Robbin’s hired the Cookie Monster as a flavor scientist. Our lab coat donning blue bud then proceeded to grudgingly allow them to include a little bit of ice cream with his cup o’ cookies. The chocolate chip cookie pieces aren’t mom’s fresh out of the oven cookie crack, but they are decently sized and passably good in an “off the shelf chewy cookie” way.


Mom's Making Cookies Baskin-Robbins 2018 Spoon 0
A spoonful of cookies helps the diabetes go down.

The cookie dough ribbon mixes particularly well with the brown sugar flavored base, and the grit of the dough reminds me of brown sugar crystals. That is heavenly in my world which revolves around a molten cookie dough core, but the poor unfortunate souls who have not seen the light may be put off. The chocolate chips do not bring a unique taste element, but they do contribute a nice chocolate snap in the textural department while not detracting from the dish. A masterstroke that only the deft hand of one who is truly the monster of cookies can wield.


Mom's Making Cookies Baskin-Robbins 2018 Half
As you can see, I totally inhaled.


Mom’s Making Cookies Ice Cream masterfully walks the line between chasing the cookie dragon and mindless marketing ploy. All of the elements work well together, and if anything, I would like a little of the cookie dough ribbon… But I’m much further along in my cookiediction than most.

Cookie Monster’s love letter to CookiEchidna this Mother’s Day certainly has me feeling the love.


Chompiness: 8.5 Snorted Cookie Lines out of 10

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