Dairyhaus – Rockton Illinois

DairyHaus (DairyHaüs)- Rockton, Illinois

6-pack Tap n’ Sac

This feature sacrifices the six pack I work so hard to maintain to bring you multiple reviews in one delicious package. Enjoy!

We’re taking a detour from our national brand coverage to bring you a couple of local flavors from the family favorite Dairyhaus.

The two flavors below are pure ice cream, simple, but freshly made on site and elegant with no mix-in beside deliciousness.

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Rockford Roasting Company Coffee

Dairyhaus Rockford Roasting Co. Coffee Scoop
Now THIS is my kind of coffee.

I know as much about coffee as I do about comedic writing. That is to say, next to nothing, so I won’t feign descriptions of acidity or body of the coffee flavor itself. I’m a simple man with simple needs, and as I am so often told, a simple mind. Allow me to regale you with my most grandiloquent description of this flavor.

Dairyhaus Rockford Roasting Co. Coffee Spoon
It be good.


Seriously, this is the deepest, most authentic coffee flavor I’ve had outside of my daily java fix. It’s everything I wanted from the base in Baskin Robbins severely disappointing Tiramisu. That dish did nothing but overwhelm the senses despite the mix-ins. Rockford Roasting Company Coffee on the other hand masterfully balances that warm, eye-opening morning caffeine hug with delicious sweet and decadent late night dessert. Even the tasty Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz takes it too far and makes you voluntarily put the spoon down.

Dairyhaus’ Rockford Roasting Company Coffee knows precisely when to back off, so both elements work in concert to allow the other to shine. This creates the opposite problem where my ice cream bedecked spoon is ever full or scraping the microscopic remnants from the bottom of my depressingly empty cup. The flavor is what I imagine the end result would be if Frosty succumbed to his dangerous gourmet vanilla latte addiction. A dreamy, cold, caffeinated, corpse… Well, if a corpse tasted like Brewster’s late night craving come true anyway.

Just ignore me…

Blue Moon

Dairyhaus Blue Moon Scoop
Why does my ice cream look pensive…

Ever dance with the devil in the Blue Moon light? I ask that of all my ice cream. DairyHaus’ Blue Moon is worth facing down any Glasgow smiling clown to taste for oneself. I know there is a vocal group of black licorice loather’s out there, but for everyone else this is a must try. The Dark Knight of licorice flavor’s is subdued, but undeniably the flavor you love—if you have a refined palate anyway ;).

Dairyhaus Blue Moon Spoon
That’s no moon…

Much like the Rockford Roasting Company Coffee, it is incredibly well executed and never overwhelming. Every bite imparts a warm, smooth and comforting flavor with occasional hints of marshmallowy goodness. That said, the marshmallow is probably just my warped taste buds based on the look my wife gave me when I made the comment. This may not be the ice cream I deserve, but it is most definitely the ice cream I need.


Pup Cup

But wait there’s more! Even your dog’s can get in on the action:

Dairyhaus Pup Cup
Waiter, there’s a Scooby Snack in my icecream…

I couldn’t say no, otherwise they’d have a—bone—to pick with me. No review from me on this one, but the dogs’ gave it two tails up. To quote the great Meatloaf, “I would do anything for Project Mayhem, but I just won’t do that.”

Rockford Roasting Company Coffee: 9 Caffeine induced Frosty funerals out of 10

Blue Moon: 9 anarchist jester jokes out of 10

Pup Cup: Woof out of Bark


Quick Review: Baskin Robbins Tiramisu Ice Cream

Baskin Robbins Tiramisu Ice Cream

Baskin Robbins Tiramisu

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