Game of Thrones Finale: I Kissed My Aunt, and I liked It.

My what big wings you have

Thar Be Dragons (and SPOILERS) below:

Before we say goodbye To Game of Thrones, I am curious what left people a pile of molten valyrian steel, and what left you as cold as the Night King’s heart.

Personally, I wasn’t entirely satisfied. Not because of how things ended, but how we got there. I feel the character development and dialog declined significantly post books and someone was hammering on the fast forward plot button.

Setting nitpicks aside:


  • The foreboding tone set at the beginning with General Hux’s, I mean Dany’s speech
  • Jon’s actions and fate
  • Small Council scene
  • Sansa shutting her uncle down
  • Brienne’s appointment and completion of Jamie’s entry and Podrick’s promotion
  • Drogon’s mourning and actions
  • Way the “wheel was broken” establishing an elective monarchy
  • The idea of Dany Breaking Bad


  • Never bought Jon and Dany’s love story. No development or room to breathe
  • Execution of Darth Dany’s turn to the darkside
  • Nobles supporting Bran’s election to the throne out of nowhere and with no discussion. Maybe he warged into all of them.

Overall, I’m fairly dissatisfied with everything but the major plot points this season and most of last season. Funny that, that is the only part that really came from Martin. 😉


Showrunners Reveal How the Internet Wrote Game of Thrones’ Eighth Season


May 13th 743 .beats

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New York—New York

Much has been made recently over what some claim is uneven writing for HBO’s hit Game of Thrones Season 8. In a stunning revelation, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have revealed how HBO was able to afford Season 8 of the show—firing the writers. “With a budget coming in over $90 million, or roughly $15M per episode, savings had to come from somewhere” says Weiss and Benioff. “That’s why we personally oversaw a brilliant new A.I. routine that automates script writing by scouring the internet for only the best fan created works.”

This has added fuel to the fire of critics who have described the writing as lazy, awkward and completely incongruous with the characters they know and love. One incensed commenter likened the season 8 story to “the thrid wish of a fanfic author who rubbed a genie’s lamp.” Weiss and Benioff take such complaints personally and have called such hyperbolic statements preposterous.

“We have taken the utmost care with the characters and world that Martin breathed life into. The deep, complex tapestry he has woven is what makes the show so compelling” says the duo. The two have tried to allay fan fears by shedding some light into how the insight into how the automated script writing works. “Thousands of sites are crawled with a heavy emphasis placed on the cornerstone of some of the world’s greatest centers of ideation and culture—like Reddit and YouTube. Even comments left on DeviantArt works are captured, it’s very robust!”

The pair note that the technology is proven by pointing to the greenlight to utilize it on their next project—an untitled Star Wars trilogy. “Clearly the high standards and much beloved stories that all of the Star Wars spin-offs have met point to the tech being proven out.”