Twix Blizzard – Dairy Queen QUICK REVIEW

Twix Blizzard

Dairy Queen Twix Blizzard
I’m caught betwixt my love for ice cream/Twix, and my love for NOT chewing gravel…

Dairy Queen’s Twix Blizzard sits in an odd place for me. Most of the time, it falls short of expectations and can be challenging to enjoy. But some bites leave me feeling a Yello YOLO “Oh Yeah!” You can find out all you need to know in my review over at The Impulsive Buy. Not sold on playing Russian Roullete with your blizzard buy? Dairy Queen has a fantastic selection of blizzard’s on its Summer Blizzard Menu. While the Summer Berry Cheesecake didn’t make me cheese, I’m chomping to sink my teeth into the phenomenal Jurassic Comp Blizzard again. I did cotton to the Cotton Candy, and the returning May Blizzard of the Month S’mores has me begging for s’more too.

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